Listen to Chris Herren talk about The First Day Film, presented by Center on Addiction and Cigna, the need for prevention and why it is so important for him to share his message with students and communities on Sirius XM Out of Bounds NBA Radio with Tom Byrne and Rick Mahorn.


“When it comes to speaking about addiction the focus often times is about the worst day. We need to focus on how this begins rather than on how it ends. Prevention starts on the first day.”

The First Day is an innovative approach to prevention and wellness education with a look into the struggles facing our youth today. Filmed at public and private high schools over the course of a year, the film chronicles Chris Herren’s journey revealing his profound connections with high school students who, in turn, have shared their stories of struggle and strength. Through the power of storytelling, The First Day addresses issues that teens and communities are impacted by, directly or indirectly, from substance use to mental wellness and harmful behaviors. His words resonate and make an impact with a focus on the beginning; The First Day.

Chris Herren scored over 2,000 career points in high school and went on to play at Boston College and Fresno State. Drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999, Herren played two years in the NBA and seven seasons overseas before losing it all to the disease of addiction. In recovery since August l, 2008, Chris shares his story nationwide with the hope of reaching just one person and making a difference.

Raise awareness of this critical issue and challenge your community to address substance use with a focus on wellness. To rethink how we look at the disease of addiction, changing the focus from the last day to the first and to look within to identify the “Why:’ What is preventing you from being the best version of yourself? If we understand the beginning, we can help change the ending.

Support is available through our nonprofit partners for individuals and families impacted by substance use disorder or addiction. Resources include treatment navigation and online support groups, a Parent Helpline that can be reached by text, email, phone or Facebook Messenger, and downloadable educational materials. Visit:

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