In a moving and compelling interview on The Vertical Podcast with Woj, Chris Herren lays out horrific details of an addict’s life in and out of basketball, and how sobriety has turned him into one of America’s most compelling speakers on addiction.

2:00: How Chris’ drug addiction impacted his college career and the roots of his struggles.

4:43: The environment at Fresno State, which enabled his behavior.

7:37: His rookie season in Denver and the veterans who tried helping him

9:02: Would his issues have spiraled out of control if he hadn’t been with his hometownBoston Celtics?

11:25: Playing overseas and his addiction getting worse.

18:42: The end of his basketball career and returning to Fall River, Mass.

22:38: Overdosing, crashing his car, going to rehab and relapsing.

29:26: His wife’s role in keeping their children away during his struggles.

35:07: His profound impact on high school and college students from his speaking appearances.

41:20: Keeping the sincerity in his speech each time.

44:27: Breaking the ice at the NFL rookie symposium.

47:26: His no-nonsense approach during his speeches.

50:03: The Herren Project helping people afford rehab.

53:36: His son’s burgeoning basketball career and the pressure he will face.

58:41: How the people who saw him at his lowest view his recovery.

1:02:22: The pressure of trying to help as many people as he can.

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