As we look back on 2021, we are grateful for the opportunity Chris Herren has had to share his story and message on podcasts from around the world. To celebrate the new year, here is our countdown to the top 5 podcast interviews featuring Chris Herren from this past year.

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Countdown Top 5 Podcasts in 2021: August 24, 2021 Chris Herren rejoined Elizabeth Vargas, journalist and author, on the Partnership to End Addiction podcast Heart of the Matter to cover important topics including the pandemic, social and emotional health, substance use and so much more.

To any outsider in his Massachusetts high school, star basketball player Chris Herren looked on top of the world, with broken records behind him and a promising career ahead of him. But what many did not know was that beneath his physical prowess was someone struggling with mental health challenges and substance use.

In his return to Heart of the Matter, Chris connects with Elizabeth Vargas about parenting and the importance of focusing on our children’s social and emotional health as students across the nation return to school in the midst of a resurgence of COVID-19. The two also speak about the ripple effect of speaking up and why, as a former pro-athlete in recovery, Chris is inspired by Olympic gymnast Simone Biles’s stand against mental health stigma.

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Countdown Top 5 Podcasts in 2021: June 7, 2021 Chris joined the Knockin Doorz Down Podcast to share his journey to recovery and how he is making a positive difference today.

After founding Hoop Dreams (now Herren Talks), he wrote a book in 2011 called ‘Basketball Junkie: A Memoir’.  In 2012, It was turned into a documentary called “Unguarded” and nominated for 2 Emmy Awards.  Chris Herren now devotes his time to sharing his story and his non-profit, Herren Project.  In 2018, he opened Herren Wellness, with one location in Virginia, one in Massachusetts, that specializes in health and wellness, and recovery for addicts.  The program requires honesty, bring transparent, and the ability to not break from the routine.  A very inclusive approach that includes the whole dynamic of family & friends of the person in recovery.

He describes the involvement of their therapists, life coaches, and other medical staff when they are accepting a new addict for treatment.  According to Chris, they are very involved in the recovery process, more so than similar programs.  This is his new passion and new drive in his life & hopes to reach & help as many people as possible.

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Countdown Top 5 Podcasts in 2021: May 11, 2021 Chris Herren joined the Finding Direction Podcast with host Stu Massengill, speaker, life coach and national trainer for Tony Robbins. The main take away? “We all need coaches in our lives.”

Chris Herren is a former NBA basketball player who struggled with an addiction with drugs and alcohol, and has now been sober for around 13 years. He’s currently working to help people going through addiction to recover.

In this episode:

  • Growing up with an alcoholic father
  • How you can start believing in yourself more
  • What advice Chris would give to people struggling with addiction
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Countdown Top 5 Podcasts in 2021: September 28, 2021 Chris Herren joined Brian Buffini, motivational speaker, business man and author, on his show to talk about sobriety, his mission to help others and  his recovery journey. Click on the image below to listen to the full episode.

Chris Herren, former NBA basketball player, author and wellness advocate, has shared his story of substance-use recovery with over 1 million people nationwide. In this episode, Brian interviews Chris about his struggle with addiction, his path to sobriety and his ongoing mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

You Will Learn:

  • How his addictions took hold.
  • How he battled back to sobriety.
  • How he is helping other people.
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Countdown Top 5 Podcasts in 2021: May 25, 2021 Chris Herren joined Rex Chapman, former NBA player, on his podcast Charges. Don’t miss this conversation as they talk about Chris’s journey to recovery from growing up in Fall River to playing at BC, then Fresno State and on to the NBA.

Chris Herren’s rise to stardom and brief NBA career is one of the most tragic and fascinating stories in recent sports history. For the fourth episode of Charges, Rex brings Chris onto the show to discuss: Reaching out to an old friend about Chris (3:33), Growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts & choosing Boston College with his boys (5:16), being introduced to cocaine & being kicked out of BC (13:38), going to Fresno State & being sent to rehab (17:29), getting drafted into the NBA & Draft Night (20:36), playing in Denver (25:09), being traded to Boston, Oxycontin & contemplating suicide (31:06), the recovery process (44:28), speaking at schools, prisons & giving people a second chance (48:49) & more.